Breaking News: Terror In School!

In February 2015 the Portuguese news reported that children aged eight and nine, from a primary school in Alpalhão, were traumatised after their English school teacher showed them two films, Behind Closed Doors and The Girl and the Wolf. It was reported that since the children had been shown the "violent" animations, the parents complained that their children would often have nightmares and had difficulty sleeping, whilst some of the other children wet their beds and would be afraid to look inside their cupboards.

We Are What We Are

After watching the 2013 film, We Are What We Are, I couldn’t help but notice certain similarities with my 2009 animation, Behind Closed Doors. Both films show a dysfunctional family, a disturbed wide-eyed little boy who is afraid of monsters, an abusive father, anachronistic imagery, very similar character/costume/hair design, and a climactic ending that goes right for the jugular! Of course both films are very different in their own right, but still it got me thinking that maybe the filmmakers took some inspiration from my work, or perhaps it is simply a mere coincidence.

Behing-Closed-Doors We-Are-What-We-Are

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